Bell Speed Test

Bell Speed Test is free internet speed test software that facilitates you by providing accurate results of your internet speed and tells you about the speed you are receiving from your ISP. In other words, Bell Speed Test service provides you a comprehensive detail about your internet speed.

Internet speed is actually the amount of data your internet line is transferring over a specific time interval (normally seconds) and having your speed check has now a days gained a lot of importance as all the internet connection performance comes down to its speed. For example, if a person has a faster dsl or broadband connection, lets say 4 Mbps connection and it is working very slowing then how will he determine if he is getting the actual speed or not ? Bell Speed Test helps in finding the actual internet speed you are getting at that instant from your service provider. As the new technology is making its mark in current world, the ratio of internet users who use dial-up connection is getting lower as people has now started to use Broadband or dsl connection to get internet facility because these new connections are providing more speed. A faster connection will not only provide an improved downloading speed but the uploading speed will be faster too. So, Bell Speed Test actually helps you in improving your internet functions by telling you about whether you should tune your dsl or broadband connection or select a server for hosting, through internet test speed. In order to test your internet speed following these instructions will help you in getting the best results:
You should close all other programs that require internet connection.
Now close all other browser windows except for the speed test page.
Click the start button to begin the internet speed test and wait for some minutes till it gives you accurate results about your download and upload speed.